give me time. and a crayon. (the_gabih) wrote in apologia,
give me time. and a crayon.

This journal's kind of dead, but...

To my dearest Light (of Death Note fame),

I am so, so sorry. Nothing bad's happened to you in this arc I'm writing yet, but believe me, it will. I have given you a daughter that I will take away from you. I have given you a wife who will work constantly to betray you- though I think you knew that. I have given you disciples, most of whom will turn their backs when she does. And in the end, they will all combing to be your downfall, and it will not be pretty. I know I've made you go insane once before, but that was in a different story, so I consider myself fully justified in doing it again.

Sort of.

Well, you are an egotistical, mass-murdering bastard after all.

As much love as I can muster considering the circumstances,

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